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AED 100,000

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28th to 30th Nov

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Theme Announcement:

 Imagine the future of the next 50 years of the united Arab emirates

  • Future of transportation & traveling.

  • Artificial Intelligence technology.

  • future of architecture & space technologies.

  • Robotics



Boss Bunny Game Jam is an online competition where teams get to work on creating a game over two days only. The Game Jam will be held online from 28th to 30th November. Contestants get to speak to the mentors via Discord. Winners will win amazing prizes up to AED 100,000 and a chance to develop your game with Boss Bunny Games.

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Boss Bunny is a mobile games developer and publisher headquartered in Abu Dhabi founded in 2020 focusing on free to play mobile games. With an in-house development team and partnerships with many development studios around the world Boss bunny publishes a number of games world-wide with a focus on MENA region for the local titles. Boss Bunny aims to establish its place as the ultimate publisher for developers who are looking to reach a MENA audience that they can interact with.


Boss Bunny Game Jam is an online competition where teams get to work on creating a game over two days only. The Game Jam is held online from 28 – 30 November. Contestants get to speak to the mentors using Teams and Discord. Winners will win amazing prizes including AED50,000 first prize AED30,000 second prize AED20,000 third prize and a chance to develop your game with Boss Bunny Games! 


Any changes in team’s members must be completed within registration time. The organizers will only take the final entry of each team.

After registration time is over, the organizers will send an email of invitation to each team. Teams are required to officially confirm their participation in Boss Bunny Game Jam via email within 3 (three) days after the email is sent. In case a team does not respond to the email, by default the team has given up the right to participate.


On-boarding will begin at 10am Live 28 Nov 2021. Link will be shared before the Boss Bunny Game Jam. 

50-hours Game Making Challenge

50 hours commences from 10:00 on 28 November and ends at 12:00 of 30 Nov.

Topic of the contest will be revealed in the On-boarding  

In addition, the topic will be announced also on: 

Official website of Boss Bunny Game Jam  

Discord channel of Boss Bunny Game Jam  


Games must be developed by Unity engine on Android/iOS operation system and can be tested on computer. 

Submission of games could only be done from 1pm to 6pm 30th November, any entry after that would not be accepted.


The game must relate to the topic given on entry.

Each team is responsible for the copyright of their own game.


Submissions must be new products created during the 50 hours challenge. In the event of a team’s product that has been previously created, published or used in another contest or in any other circumstances, it will be disqualified immediately. 


Content of games should not mention subjects related to political and cultural factors, or violate customs and other matters prohibited by UAE law. Any violation will be disqualified from the contest immediately. 

Jury Board and Evaluation

Jury board of Boss Bunny Game Jam includes 3 members who are senior managers of Boss Bunny Games. Jury board gives each team a score from 1 to 10 based on the following evaluation criteria: 


Excellence (30%): Game is evaluated comprehensively (From gameplay, graphics to controls, balance, etc.)


Creativity (25%): Game has new and unique elements. 


Joy (25%): Game is highly entertaining, engaging and creating joyful moments for players, on which they are easily to get addicted. 


Cohesion (20%): Game has cohesion with the contest topic. 

Awards Announcement

The contest results will be announced on 9 December on the following channels: 


Official website of Boss Bunny Games 


Official Social Media accounts: Boss Bunny social media channels


Email announcing and congratulating winners from the organizers. 


We reserve the right to disqualify entrants if we deem any submission as inappropriate. For example, a submission should NOT: 

Use any obscene or indecent images or words including but not limited to nudity, pornography, profanity, drug references or gratuitous violence. 

Reflect any political images or stances. Include any defamatory statements. (including, but not limited to, words or symbols that are widely considered offensive to individuals of a certain race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic group) Include threats to any person, place, business, group or nation. Invade privacy or other rights of any person, firm or entity. Violate any applicable law or regulation. 

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